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Swap Logo

This superpower will swap out the logo in the page navigation menu based on enrollment status. For example, if you want your site page to use a different logo when a user is enrolled in a particular bundle/course.
How to use this superpower:
  • Make sure you have Swiss installed into your site
  • Select the page you wish to add this to typically it would be the student dashboard because it will only change when the user is signed in)
  • Add the Swiss: Swap Logo section to the page
  • Add a "block setting" to the page and upload your alternative logo
  • Choose a course or bundle that will be used to check for enrollment
  • Save the page
When the user is logged in, the list of "Blocks" in this section will be checked. If the user is enrolled in the course/bundle then the logo will be replaced with the image that has been added. In the case of multiple block settings, the first match will be used.