Magic Sign Up Fields

Change a custom text sign up field to a drop down or checkbox

Warning - this super power is defenseless against the "Streamlined Checkout" ๐Ÿฆน. In order to use the Magic Sign Up Fields, you will have to disable the Streamlined Checkout option

How to use this super power:

To change a custom sign up field to be a drop down:

The first item on the list will be default. If you would like to force your user to select one, then add a blank line as the first item and also set the field to be required in your Site Settings page

Checkbox Field Types

To change a custom sign up field to be a checkbox, you have two choices

Type 1: Allow the checkbox to be on or off

Type 2: Only allow the user to sign up if they checked the box

Understand the difference between "Sign Up" page and the "Checkout Sign in" page

The Magic Sign up fields can be used on both pages, but does require you to place the section on both pages separately.

The magic signup fields does not change the account profile page and add drop downs (due to not being able to control this page from Site Builder. It is recommended that the custom sign up fields be hidden from the account profile page, by adding this snippet of code to your Site Footer Code section

Social Sign Up and Account Pages

If you have the social sign in options turned on for your site and your custom fields are required, the user will be presented with a "Social Sign Up Page" that will contain the custom fields. Likewise the My Account Profile Page is also not accessible from within Site builder and therefore we need to handle this a bit differently.

Every time you make a change to your Magic Sign Up fields, you have to repeat the process of pasting the special code to the Site Footer code settings. Be sure to delete what was previously pasted.

If you also want to hiding the custom sign up fields on the account profile page, add the following to your site footer code as well:

<style> .my-account__form-contents .form__group:nth-child(n+6){ display:none; } </style>

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